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Self-Healing Bodywork: Space Age Technology Hits The UK Car Market

By October 31, 2019August 14th, 2023No Comments

Soon the value of your new car may no longer be at risk from loose stones and poor road surfaces

We all love our cars looking bright and new- the sight of a chip or scratch to the paint can be a blow. Poor road maintenance, mud & other weather conditions, even inconsiderate drivers can lead to unfortunate bodywork damage without warning, risking other worrying developments (such as rust damage) and a subsequent significant drop in the value of your car.

But now a radical new development has promised to make these worries a thing of the past- and it too many it seems like pure science fiction.

Self-healing bodywork is the new wonder-treatment turning stressful marks & scratches into a worry from a bygone era: a leap forward to the kind of technology most of us never imagined would leave the big screen. To see it applied it appears like vinyl wrapping- a thin, transparent protective cover not unlike you’d find on the screen of a new mobile phone. Unlike simple vinyl wrapping, the self-healing treatment contains chitosan- a remarkable micro-molecule found in crab shells- that begins rebuilding the damaged sheet when exposed to UV light.

Despite having been around for several years now, the technology has yet to become widely available, although it will soon be possible to get your very own self-healing paint protection in the UK. While it has taken years for the service to move far beyond an (albeit impressive) gimmick, there are now more options than ever for protecting your valuable paintwork from damage. While still not available on many cars, it’s far more prevalent in the USA, where high-risk areas of high-value cars can be coated with specially-fitted self-healing sheets.

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