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Mazda Announce Breakthrough in Engine Technology

By October 31, 2019August 14th, 2023No Comments

Mazda has created a new type of petrol compression engine, which is said to increase fuel efficiency by as much as 30%, which is down to the engine not using a traditional ignition method by using spark plugs to start the vehicle.

The newly designed engine will be in Mazda’s vehicles in 2019. The engine ignition system doesn’t use the traditional spark plug. Instead, the engine uses a compression ignition system to start the engine.

The engine technology has also been chased by Mazda’s competitors with Mazda being the first to be putting the technology on production lines.

Mazda has also announced that by 2025 autonomous-driving technology will be standard in most models. The UK Government have announced that a ban on the sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be in effect from 2040. This is due to nitrogen oxide posing a major risk to public health. It’s hoped that these rules will put an end to the production of traditional combustion-engine-powered vehicles.

The recent ban on diesel cars has affected the automotive industry, with people now finding their diesel losing value. Modern diesel cars produce 10 times more toxic fuels than petrol engines. The ban is set to decrease the value of diesel cars by 15% year on year according to studies.

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