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Crash And Accident Repair

A crash is stressful, even if the damage is superficial. It’s an unpleasant experience, and repairing any damage to your vehicle is essential. 

John Bee is the first choice for many private customers and car dealerships when dealing with car accident repairs due to our vast experience in the industry and our reputation for friendly, fantastic service. Contact us with some information regarding the damage to your car, and one team member will contact you with further details. 


Unfortunately, crashes happen constantly, and it’s frustrating when damage happens to your vehicle. A crack in the rear bumper from a brief collision or scratches from a pedestrian that got too close.

Often, suppose you’re having your car repaired after a collision. In that case, your insurance may insist that a claim assessor look at the vehicle before approving the repairs and insist you use an approved garage. Your insurance doesn’t have a legal obligation to force you, and you can choose any garage you prefer. It’s best to have the work performed by qualified professionals at a lesser price, such as with us here at John Bee.

At John Bee, we offer top-notch car accident repair services for all types of cars. With over 80 years of experience in the industry, our technicians possess a vast wealth of knowledge that they use to provide quality repairs. Whether you need a small dent fixed or a detailed chassis repair, you can depend on us to provide a friendly and competitive local service. We offer rates that are hard to find with bigger companies.

Why Choose John Bee For Your Car Accident Repairs?

At John Bee, our friendly team of experts is experienced in dealing with all kinds of crash repairs, no matter the damage to your car. As a local, independent garage, we specialise in paintwork damage, dent removals and bodywork repair in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We provide quality, efficient service at competitive rates. 

Our team is experienced in a range of techniques which make us efficient and keep costs low. We offer a friendly, professional and trustworthy service that you can rely on. Our knowledge of accident repair is unparalleled, and we will handle your repairs most professionally. 


If you’re in need of a free quote without any obligations, consider contacting John Bee. If you happen to be driving, feel free to pop by our shop and receive a quote for any necessary work. Our expert staff have dealt with thousands of crash repairs on many different vehicles. 

With 80 years of experience, John Bee has established an excellent reputation. Our prime location on Abbeydale Road has made us one of Sheffield’s busiest privately owned crash repair shops, and we take pride in our reputation. 

Contact us today, or if you require any further clarification regarding any car damage, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone

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Frequently Asked Questions For Crash And Accident Repairs

Can You Repair Your Car At Home After An Accident? 

While you can repair your car at home after an accident to save money, you need to consider whether this would cause more problems if you did the work yourself. If you have to question whether you can repair the car yourself, it’s best to take it to a qualified repair shop. If you file a claim with your insurance and choose to do the repairs yourself, your insurance may not continue to provide comprehensive or collision coverage on your vehicle. 

Is It Possible To Carry Out Multiple Repairs At Once? 

Yes, of course. It may be more cost-effective for us to do the extra work simultaneously with your other repairs. Come into our shop, and our team will give you a free estimate on the required work. 

Do I Have To Use Insurance Approved Repairers? 

No, your insurer can’t force you to use a particular repairer, and it will still pay out for the repairs if your claim is accepted. So you can choose a high-quality repair shop like us at John Bee to carry out the work rather than settle for a higher price for low-quality work. 

Is It Worth Fixing Minor Damage To A Car? 

Yes, minor damages such as scratches can lead to more significant issues, such as rust in the panelling. Another example is if you have a minor crack in your rear bumper, you weaken the integrity of the plastic, and if the paint becomes scratched, you allow moisture, which can be a more costly repair. Having these damages repaired earlier is usually cheaper than waiting for the problem to worsen. 

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