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Dents and scratches are some of the most common types of damage found on cars currently in the UK. It’s important to take care of your car both for looks and longevity as dents and scratches can affect both the look and overall condition of your vehicle. As such, many people choose to have their cars spray painted to repair any paintwork damage. However,  you need to also consider aftercare, such as polishing and waxing when considering any restorative work that you may have done.

So, how long after spray painting a car before you can polish it? 

You should wait 24 hours before you polish your car after spray painting. This will give the paint time to have its initial cure and harden to the surface of your vehicle. As there are different types of spray paint, this time may vary depending on which type of paint has been used. 

Read on to learn more about polishing your car after spray painting with John Bee Car Repairs, a car body shop located in Sheffield. 

How Long Should You Wait To Polish Your Car After Painting? 

Fresh paint can take up to a month to fully cure on your car. There is the initial cure from the paint, which happens 24 hours after the first coat is applied. This means that the vehicle is then able to be sanded and polished once this initial curing period is over. It’s important to give the paint time to fully adhere to your car, as you could strip away the paint if you start polishing too early. The time to wait before polishing does depend on the type of spray paint that is used on your car, which can be either: 

  • Acrylic Enamel: The paint should be left 24 hours before polishing. 
  • Urethane Paint: The paint will be dry to the touch after 20 minutes but will still need 24 hours to dry completely and be ready for polishing. 

It’s best to wait 24 hours before polishing, but you can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the spray paint. 

How To Polish Your Car? 

There are some steps to get the best results out of polishing your car: 

  1. Prepare and clean your car. It’s best to do this with a microfibre cloth so that you have a clean and dry surface to work with. 
  2. Apply a small amount of polish to your cloth or foam pad, depending on if you are hand or machine polishing, and gently spread it around your paintwork. Start working it in with any motion you like and rub in the polish until it’s almost transparent. 
  3. Leave the polish to cure if required. Some polishes need this, but it’s best to check the recommendations. 
  4. Buff out your car. Use a soft, clean cloth and buff the polish residue until your car looks shiny! 

How Often Do You Need To Polish Your Car? 

Polishing maintains the shine and quality of your car’s paintwork. It’s important to polish, wash and wax your car regularly. You should polish your vehicle once or twice a year to keep your car scratch-free. However, you should avoid polishing your vehicle too often as you could strip away excess paint and ruin your car’s paintwork. 

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How Long Does Polishing Take? 

If you are polishing your car by hand, it generally takes 2-3 hours, depending on the type of vehicle and area you wish to polish. Polishing by hand is only recommended if your paint is in good condition, has had a previous car paint enhancement or if you have some knowledge of car detailing. 

Polishing your car with a machine will take less time, around 1-2 hours, depending on the vehicle type. It’s essential to be careful when using a device to polish as you may cause more damage by ‘scrubbing the paint’. Polishing with a machine is recommended if you have some experience with car detailing. 

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Why Polish A Car After Painting? 

Polishing your car after spray painting is crucial as it will help protect the paintwork from any future damage. It will also smooth out any imperfections and scratches that already exist. 

Restore Your Car With John Bee Car Repairs 

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