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Getting ready for winter: Prepare your car for winter salt

By October 31, 2019August 14th, 2023No Comments

Getting ready for winter: Prepare your car for winter salt – John Bee Ltd

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, preparation for bad weather conditions can be worth consideration.

The mixture of mud, grit and salt can cause serious damage to your car, and combined with stones that might be thrown up, your paintwork might become chipped leading to exposure of the underlying metalwork. In this event the salt-mud mixture can cling to the unprotected metalwork and rust through.

Country roads

On rural roads, the danger of both loose pebbles and mud are increased dramatically, especially after snow. In older cars, where some wear and tear may have already occurred, the risk may be higher. Preventative measures such as getting an expert to check your car are vital, and checking weather conditions before planning travel could save you a hefty bill.

Town & City roads

While you’re less likely to encounter mud or ice in urban areas, the risk from salt and damaged road surfaces are just as high, if not higher.  Existing damage could easily be exacerbated and while your car might appear cleaner on city streets, rust damage could still occur to the underside.

Get your car checked now for any exisiting damage to paintwork. If you can fix chips in your paintwork before exposure to harmful salt & mud, this will greatly reduce the risk of serious damage from winter conditions.

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