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Scratches and chips are irritating to find on your vehicle. Whether you did it yourself or someone else did it to your car, they are unsightly and need repairing.

John Bee is the first choice for many car dealerships and private customers alike due to our vast experience in the industry and our reputation for friendly, fantastic service.

crash repair Piccture of a vintage car that is being sprayed as part of body work at John Bee Ltd

Car Paintwork Repair Explained

Whilst all scratches are different, they roughly fall into 3 categories:

  1. Clear coat scratches
  2. Paint scratches (base coat)
  3. Primer scratches

All three of these kinds of scratches may appear the same on a surface level. However, they increase in depth from the clear coat to the primer. 

It may be hard to tell what depth your scratch is, but the general rule is to see what colour the scratches are. Clear-coat scratches will often be white in colour, whereas primer scratches will be metallic in colour at their deepest level. To explain this, let’s take a look at how cars are sprayed in our industry:

  1. First, a primer is applied to bare metal panels to create a uniform surface that is ready for the base coat.
  2.  Then, a base coat of semi-gloss colour is applied, which may include a more expensive flake or pearlescence for certain cars.
  3. Finally, a clear coat of lacquer is added to provide protection against UV rays and oxidation.

The scale of the respraying and buffing to your car is dependent on how deep into the layer of paint the scratch goes.

Not repairing scratches to the lacquer or base coat will cause issues further down the line, such as dulling of the paint or further chips. Scratches to the primer and metal work underneath will eventually cause rusting to the panel of the car, which is more expensive to get fixed, and it can lead to even more rust later on. 

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Scuffs and Scratches Repaired Fast

We have stayed at the forefront of technology for paint chip repairs and by using the latest techniques we can effectively restore your vehicle to its former condition. Depending on the scratch or chip size, this is a very fast service that we can do while you wait to get your vehicle back to you as soon as possible.

What is The Cost of Repairing a Scratch on a Car?

Repairing scratches on cars is not always straightforward as the depth, length and location of the scratch play an important factor in the cost. However, John Bee charges between £70 and £400 for car scratch repair. 

You might be surprised at how manageable the scuffs and scratches on your car are. It’s always best to come in and speak with us to see just how long it will take one of our skilled technicians. 

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We offer free quotes with no obligation, so come and see us at our garage in Sheffield to see what we can do for you; whether you need a chip or car scratch repair or you want to know about specialist paintwork solutions. You’ll find our service exceptional and our prices are hard to beat anywhere else.

Why Choose John Bee for Car Scratch Repair? 

We offer the best competitive prices for scratch repair and car paintwork repair in Sheffield, and we are known for our excellent quality work and our friendly, trustworthy service. We have completed paint jobs on all kinds of cars, from classic car restoration to performance car paintwork repair, our staff are friendly and have a wealth of experience to draw on, ensuring you leave completely satisfied. 

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If you’re in need of a free quote without any obligations, consider contacting John Bee. If you happen to be driving by, feel free to stop by our shop and receive a quote for the necessary work. Our expert staff have dealt with thousands of scratches on many different vehicles. 

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With 80 years of experience, John Bee has established a reputation for excellence. Our location on Abbeydale Road has made us one of Sheffield’s busiest privately owned car repair shops, and we take pride in our reputation.

If you require further clarification regarding any car damage, old or new, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone.

Frequently Asked Questions for Car Paintwork Repair

Is it Illegal to Repair Cars at Home UK?

No, in fact repairing your car at home is a great way to save money. You do need to consider whether you aren’t creating more problems for the vehicle by carrying this work out though. You also can’t repair cars for profit, or cause a nuisance to your neighbours.

Is it Worth Fixing Paint Scratches on My Car?

Yes, it is always worth repairing any scratches on your car. Leaving them for any amount of time will cause weather to get in between the layers and cause the surrounding paint to dull. What’s more is that, if the scratch is to the primer or metalwork of the car, then it will cause rust to develop in as little as 1 year. 

Do Scratch Removers Actually Work?

Yes, scratch removers that are perfectly suited to the model and paintwork on a car can have a beneficial effect. They only work on light scratches, however. They are also better used on lower parts of the vehicle, such as the edges of doors or wheel arches. For anything prominent, deep or larger than a coin-sized nick, you are best seeing a professional. 

Can Deep Paint Scratches Be Fixed?

Yes, to fix a deep scratch we would buff the surface down to be level with the scratch, and then we build the primer, base coat and lacquer from there. If the scratch has damaged the metalwork beneath, then it may require a more detailed solution. 

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