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Over time, cars get damaged. This could be weather damage, such as rust, or something like bumper damage if someone bumps into you whilst parking. Cars occasionally get nicks or scuffs that can take away from the value of your vehicle. If you are looking to sell your car or you think it’s finally time to address existing issues with your beloved motor, come over to John Bee Ltd. We’ll see you through. 

Here at John Bee, we have 80 years of experience in detailed car damage repair, whether it’s fixing:

  • Rusty wheel arches,
  • Worn plastic mouldings,
  • Wing mirror casings,
  • Bumper dents and scuffs,
  • Front and rear skirts.

If it’s a common problem that has happened over time, we’ll have no doubt seen it before. Contact us with a quick bit of information about what is not right about your car and one of our team will contact you with more information.

Car Damage Repair with John Bee

It’s incredibly frustrating when something minor happens to your vehicle but still leaves it damaged. A crack in the rear bumper from a misjudged parking attempt, a cracked wing mirror from a careless driver, or even scratches from a pedestrian who perhaps got too close. 

These problems are not worth notifying your insurance company over, as that will only push up your premiums for no reason, but they still need sorting. In such cases, you’ll need to find a car damage repair garage which you can trust to not cost you a fortune. 

Although they can be fixed relatively easily, they all need to be treated swiftly as ignoring them could result in further problems down the line. This is especially true of car scratch repair, necessary for the bodywork of the vehicle, especially if left to the elements. If untreated, rust can form in the scratch and eat into the metal, this can be expensive to repair as the rust spreads.

Why You Can Trust John Bee Car Body Work Repair

At John Bee, our friendly and local technicians are experienced in dealing with all kinds of car damage repair, no matter how minor the repair needs to be. A local independent garage, we specialise in rust repair services, plastic bumper repairs and dent removal in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We provide an efficient, professional and quality service at competitive rates.

We only use the best techniques, which make us efficient and keep our costs as low as possible. We offer a friendly, trustworthy service that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the region. Our vast experience with all kinds of vehicles be it cars, vans or motorcycles means our technicians have the best knowledge to deal with your repair in the most professional manner.

Contact John Bee – An Expert in Car Body Work in Sheffield

Contact John Bee today for a free quote with no obligation. Driving past? Pop in and see us for a quote for what work needs to be done. 

John Bee has built up a reputation for excellence over the past 80 years. Our position on Abbeydale Road makes us one of the busiest privately owned car damage repair shops in Sheffield, and this reputation is our pride and joy. 


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you need any further clarity on your car and any damage, old or new, that might have been caused. 

Where is Your Body Shop Located?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Damaged Front End?

We estimate that the average cost of front-end damage to a car can be between £200 and £12,000. You ought to consider the type of car and the extent of the damage when weighing up your options for repairing a damaged front end. Repairing a damaged front end can be very expensive, as it is the area where the engine and steering is housed. The bonnet of the car is also the hardest to buff, meaning that any work carried out will incur more labour costs. 

Is It Worth Repairing Minor Scratches to a Car? 

Yes, minor scratches can often let water into the metal panelwork of a car, causing rust. Any scratches to the body of a car can allow moisture to get into the metal and cause weak, rust spots on the panelling of the affected car. Having these spots repainted is often cheaper than having the panel replaced once it starts to rust.

How Do Professionals Fix Car Scratches?

Minor scratches can be buffed out by using a rubbing compound. However, If the scratch is too deep, we may need to buff the surface using a car polisher buffer. This removes the scratch and the surrounding area. We then repaint and rebuff the surface. 


How Much Does Car Damage Repair Cost on Average?

Car damage repair varies in cost depending on staff hours, tools and equipment used. However, our breakdown usually looks like this:

Type of Damage Repair Required Estimated Cost (Ex. VAT)  Estimated Time
Car Scratch Clear-Coat Scratches £60 – £96 per panel 30 – 60 minutes
Paint Scratches and Scuffs £120 – £180 per panel 2 – 3 hours
Deep Paint Scratches £180 – £240 per panel 3  -5 hours
Car Bumper Repair Minor Damage £60 per hour for labour Depends On The Extent of The Damage
Medium Damage £190-£360 per bumper 4 hours
Severe Damage £350 – £750 for repair or £500 – £1,300 for total replacement 2 – 3 days
Car Dent Repair Paintless Dent Removal £90 – £150 per panel 1 hour
Dent Repair £220 – £450 per panel 3 – 7 hours
Car Alloy Wheels Mild Scratches £60 – £80 per wheel Depends On The Extent of The Damage
Damage Across Face £90 per wheel Depends On The Extent of The Damage