Safest Cars of 2016: What we know so far

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A lot of people who come to us do so because their car has had some bad luck on the road- and now sports a scratch, dent or worse. Perhaps its unsurprising, then, that we’re big supporters of car safety and responsible driving. Regularly meeting people who have damaged car bodywork from road accidents, others’ bad driving or bad luck, gets you thinking about how we can make the roads safe for everyone.

We’re always happy to hear that bodies and authorities in the world of motoring are stepping up to promote safer cars. One such great organisation is Euro NCAP- the New Car Assessment Programme. They test all new cars’ safety, and their findings are widely regarded as the best measure of what’s available. The 2016 list of safest NCAP-tested cars has not yet been released, however some details have been made available. As the year draws to an end, here’s what we know so far:

The Alfa Romeo Giulia saloon dominates again

The Alfa Romeo Giulia scored highly on adult protection for the second year in a row. In 2015 it outperformed the competition, even though the title of safest car eventually went to the Volvo XC90. In 2010 the Alfa came top again, then with the Giulietta.

Toyota steps up to the plate; the Prius makes headlines for safety

Last year Toyota didn’t see best in class for any categories, although the Infiniti (Nissan), Honda and Mazda put up a strong defence of Japanese car manufacturers’ safety, taking family hatchback, supermini and roadster/convertible respectively. This year, however, Toyota has pulled it back, taking best in class for the side-impact protection of the Prius hatchback, and at the less earth-friendly end of the spectrum the Hilux, that old work horse, showed its mettle as an option for family vehicles.

Mercedes continues to hit the safety high scores

In 2014 the Merc C-Class took overall safest car of the year, and in 2015 the GLC managed to beat the competition for the safest small SUV- one of the first tries by Mercedes as this type of vehicle. No sign of the Mercedes logo this yeah in the SUV class- although they do feature prominently, with Kia, Peugeot and SEAT all fielding strong models- however the E-class was a narrow second for safe saloons, even beating the Alfa on child safety.

The NCAP tests are an excellent project that serves to keep the public informed, and prompts manufacturers to continually drive up safety standards. Their standards and tests are constantly being updated, and because of their work promoting safer cars undoubtedly means a few of us owe them more than we realise.

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