Five cars to look out for in 2017

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As we are soon to say goodbye to the ‘65’ plates, and hello to the ‘17’, we thought it was important to raise a few new models that ought to get you excited for the coming year. Surely there’s something here to take your fancy?

Nissan Micra

Gone are the days of the Micra being looked down up n as a slightly feeble looking hatchback, this new and improved version means business. Coming on to the market in a range of three and four cylinder engines, prices are set to start at around £9,000. Keep a lookout for this sometime in March 2017.

Volkswagen Golf

This is more of an update on an already fan favourite. With a restructured appearance inside and out, VW have certainly opted for a hint of sci-fi, at least in its concept photos. As if this wasn’t enough, there will also be a hybrid model available that is said to boast 60mpg!

Tesla Model 3

The model 3 will be Tesla’s most affordable car to date. The price point will be somewhere in the region of £25,000 for the five seated saloon. This zero emission machine is set to cause waves in 2017.

Land Rover Discovery

Now in its fifth generation, the Discovery has had a smart new styling update along with a sleek interior makeover. One key point for boasting here is the fact that as well as offering 7 seats, each row is full sized, no miniature seats in sight! This new offering from Land Rover will roll out on to the market with either a 3.0 or 2.0 litre diesel engine.

Audi A5

This is new A5 seems to have been hitting the weight room, as it certainly seems that Audi have opted for much more strapping aesthetic. 60kg have been cut off from the previous model to really help this coupé move.

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